The Foundations of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting products and services, using digital distribution channels to reach customers in a timely, relevant, personal, and cost effective manner. There are two methods involved in digital marketing, the push method as well as the pull method. The push method involves the user seeking out and directly selecting the content. For example, this could be through something as simple as a search engine. On the other hand, the pull method involves sending the content through the user through a means of distribution, such as email. 

Onsite SEO

There are five top factors to implement in your Onsight SEO process. The first is to use a title tag, where you might input a strong keyword title. It’s important to note that a title tag should not include two of the same words, and should remain less than 65 characters. Secondly, use meta tags and use an appropriate description in the name, and a relevant sentence implementing keywords in the context. A third important factor is to use image tags, to strengthen the optimization of your webpage. Lastly, it’s important to apply both alt tags/anchor texts to support internal pages, as well as keeping a keyword relevancy throughout your website without exceeding 1-2%.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO creates authority and and leads to a higher page rank, while also constituting for approximately 2/3 of the Google algorithm. It’s important to carry out link diversity, and to ensure that anchor texts are built around your keywords. Some common link building methods include: 2-way and 3-way link exchange, profile linking, article creating, blog creating, and blog comments. 

Search Marketing

There are four main sectors to search marketing. The first being consumer behaviors. When consumers are searching for information or insight about a product or idea, they resort to google. So naturally, consumer behavior relates to the research and/or purchase products online. The reason why? Well, it’s to seek informative decisions on reputable products and/or services they might have interest in. The second sector is global footprint, which is how search engines can be used globally, regardless of language and culture. The third sector is cost efficiency, which relates to a  significantly reduced speed compared to traditional print and media. It allows you to throttle campaign in real-time around a constrained budget, as well as changes in marketing expenses. Lastly, we have relevancy. Relevancy is the ability to target and segment customers that are seeking specific products and services. 


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